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Want me to deliver a powerful talk at your event, or chat with you on your podcast?

I love nothing more than helping empower other creative business owners to discover their superpowers, harness what make them unique + special, and figure out the next best steps to take.

I believe in educating others on the power of incredible design and showing people how they can make a difference in their own business through intentional, values-led branding.

"Rachel, your talks never cease to inspire and motivate me. They’re always a helpful reminder that it’s ok—even wonderful—to be who we are and to embrace the things that make us different. I love the superhero theme you ran with for a while, and think back to those talks whenever I feel a little deflated. Thank you."

- Dan Eden

Here are some of my favourite topics to chat about:

Why values-led design + intentional branding is the future of business.

How to discover your unique superpowers, what makes you unique, and how to harness that in your visual brand.

Everything brand strategy:how to create intentional, aligned strategies that are all about long-term benefits and no short-term gains.

Chronic illness in business:what it means to be a creative with a chronic illness; running your own business alongside chronic illness

Featured Press

For over two years, I was regularly featured in net magazine on their Expert Panel, providing my answers + perspectives on monthly questions alongside a number of other talented creatives.

My series of articles for Envato’s WebDesignTuts+, Design School for Developers, was published in 2013. A whopping 26 articles containing over 37,000 words altogether, the series was first published in mid-2013. As of April 2017, the series has been viewed over 560,000 times! Woopee!






Article Views

Speaking Engagements

The UX Conf
London, UK - March 2nd 2020

Manchester, UK - December 6th 2016

Responsive Day Out 3
Brighton, UK - June 19th 2015

Dot York
York, UK - May 1st 2014

MKGeekNight All-Dayer
Milton Keynes, UK - January 24th 2014

Bristol, UK - October 18th 2013

Hey! Stac
Leeds, UK - September 24th 2013

Reasons to be Creative - Elevator Pitch
Brighton, UK - September 4th 2013

Speak the Web
Manchester, UK - July 10th 2013

Newport, Wales, UK - May 1st 2013

Second Wednesday
Nottingham, UK - January 23rd 2013

The Digital Barn 2
Barnsley, UK - September 22nd 2012

MKGeekNight #2
Milton Keynes, UK - September 20th 2012

Podcast Interviews

"How to make your Business Work Harder" - the How To Podcast with Zoe Dew

Make Life Work with Si Jobling

Season 1, Episode 5 - The Elastic Brand

"Stepping Out As Your Authentic Self" - The Couragemakers Podcast

Behind the Brand Podcast Ep #41 - Pinegate Road

Episode #54 - Zen Courses Show with Janelle Allen

"You're Not Alone" - Being Freelance Podcast

“Disappointed if I Don’t Win an Award”
The East Wing Podcast

Episode #77
The East Wing Podcast

Episode #47
The East Wing Podcast

“How to Gain Confidence as a Designer”
Young Guns Podcast

Features & Interviews

Success Story with Rachel Shillcock - Wandering Aimfully

Responsive Web Design by Example - Beginner's Guide (Second Edition)

Behind the Screen – Linea Mae

A Booklet of Creative Challenges – Violeta Nedkova

Featured Creative over at Coach (now Podia) for several months

“Being Creative While in Pain” on 99U

Second Wednesday Interview 

Interview with Heart Internet

“Talented Design Students from Around the World: Part 1” on Down with Design

Articles & Guest Posts

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 1: Creating Connections
Freelance to Freedom Project (2016)

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 2: Getting Consistent
Freelance to Freedom Project (2016)

Taking Your Business to the Next Level, Part 3: Building Credibility
Freelance to Freedom Project (2016)

How to Best Prepare to Work with a Designer
on Passion Junkie (June 2015 – no longer live)

“How to Get Your First Job in Web Design”
First seen in net magazine (January 2014)

Media Kit

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About Rachilli Creative Studio.

Rachilli is a creative studio dedicating to helping create more authentic brands for creative brands & businesses ready to grow deeper roots with their audience & build their business in a more aligned way.

Rachilli is also committed to helping empower other's with chronic illness to carve their own path and create a life & business that works for them and to lead the way by creating a platform for, and being a voice alongside, those with chronic illness in business.

Rachel, the founder, is an award-winning designer and photographer, published logo designer and author, and is dog mama to two - slightly crazy - pups, Storm & Jasper.

My Core Values.

Create with intentional flow.

Grow community through connection.

Be courageously creative.

Ground my work in deeper roots.

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