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Hey, I’m Rachel!

I’m an award-winning designer & proud geek that helps creative entrepreneurs build & grow more powerful brands.

I’ve been told before that “everyone needs a Rachel”  I see it as my mission is to help creative entrepreneurs like you amplify your brilliant message + vision to the world through developing unique + powerfully creative visual brands for your business.

I know that we all hold the power within us to create real change in the world – and I’ll be your very own superhero sidekick in all of this, by your side as I empower you to step up to that next level in your business and share your incredible vision with the world.

Whatever branding wisdom you need, I’ve got you covered. Take a look at my featured products below or see how I can help you if we work together.

It’s time to create some magic.

— Rachel 🙂

Digital Mandala Colouring Book

A downloadable PDF of printable mandalas - available for instant download now!

77 downloadable, printable hand-drawn and digital mandalas to colour in to your heart's content.

Once launched, these printable mandala sheets are available to you forever. Print + colour over and over, as many times as you'd like. 🙂

Created, designed + drawn exclusively by Rachilli  :: Web + Design Studio.

Buy the book for $7

The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit

With videos and complementary workbooks to help you along the way, The Revolutionary Brand Toolkit is a mini-course designed to help you discover what you makes you AND your business truly revolutionary.

Included in the Toolkit is: instant access to 3 videos, 1 worksheet + one bonus workbook.

Buy the Toolkit for $97

The Revolutionary Brand Workbook

The Revolutionary Brand Workbook is a 7-step process, designed to get you asking all of the important questions about why you're here and what you want to do in the world. It will help you to discover your unique strengths and superpowers - but more importantly, how to put all of this information INTO practice, right where it matters: your brand.

A 7500+ word eBook and an interactive workbook and experience to take your brand to the next level.

Buy the Workbook for $19

Working with Brand & Design Guidelines

A pocket guide to teach you how to use brand and design guidelines in the real world.

Every business should have a set of brand & design guidelines that explain how to keep their brand’s image, visual style, personality and tone consistent across the many forms that the brand will take in its lifetime.

But what happens when you have guidelines to use, but you have no idea how to put them into practice? This Pocket Guide will walk you through how to utilise the brand elements you have at hand, including typography, visual elements (colour, imagery, icons and more) and text and tone of voice, while also giving you ideas on how to create a set of e ective guidelines for your own business.

Buy the book for $7

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The Rachilli Manifesto

Welcome to your revolution. Tap into the incredible power that you hold inside of you. Personality trumps perfection. Live a life full of purpose and magic. Allow yourself time to be creative and experiment. Believe in the purest of loves, the biggest of dreams and the most inspired imaginations. Read the Full Manifesto