You have a beautiful message to share with the world, but your brand just isn't speaking your words.

I get it. But best of all? I’m here to help you every step of the way.

I’m Rachel (hai!) and I truly believe that great design can change the world.

I’m creating a revolution: one of empowered, visionary + totally soulful women who want to make a difference in the world through their work.

Working with Me

Think of me as your own, personal cheerleading team: your biggest supporter and only wanting the best for you so that you can start to shine more brightly in the world.

Alongside the work that I do, I have hand-picked to the most incredible team to work with me on your Metamorphosis if you need them to. Forming this dreamy team of beautiful, soulful ladies allows me to give back more to you.

Whether you choose to work with just myself, or collaborate with my incredible team, we will work alongside you to master three central pillars – mindset, message and brand – and help you blossom into the entrepreneur that you are destined to be.

This is a total heart and soul experience for truly visionary women wanting to take the next step up in their business.

Why ‘Rachilli’? [Ray-chill-ee]

I get asked a lot about the name “Rachilli”, why it’s my nickname (and biz name!) and where it came from. Quite simply, I’m a lady with MANY nicknames, including: rachilli, miss rachilli, miss chilli, plain ol’ chilli, chello, rachello, rach. Seriously. And the list goes on! I pretty much answer to anything – as long as it’s nice. 🙂

7 Fun Facts About Moi!

As long as I can remember, 7 is one of my favourite numbers. As well as 19 and 21. But rather than bore you, I thought it best to keep to the smaller number. So, quite aptly, here are 7 facts that you might not know about me.

1. I’m a self-confessed design snob. I only use apps + services I think look beautiful to look at AND use. Once, I bought a birthday card that looked gorgeous on the outside but when I opened it…the inside text was set in Comic Sans. I almost took it back to the shop there and then to change cards!

2. I’m obsessed with chicken. It’s my favourite food and I would quite happily eat it at every meal if I was allowed. I make a MEAN roast chicken and I’m more than partial to some peri-peri chicken at Nando’s too. Fries + garlic bread along with tasty chicken make it my perfect little treat.

3. I’m an introvert. I come across as very extroverted because I love to chat with people – but I find the whole thing very energy-draining and often need my own space to recharge. That’s why I love working for myself – solitude suits me quite well, most of the time.

4. I have a condition called Hypermobility Syndrome (sometimes known as Ehlers-Danlos Type III), which, on the plus side, means I have really bendy joints. On the downside, it means I live with chronic pain + clicky, painful joints too. I’ve slowly come to accept it as a part of me – and heck, on another upside, it helps me give thumbs up with my big toes! Hilarious (I really do think it is). Despite my condition, I’ve also never actually broken a bone or badly injured my body – apart from one time I tripped up in Laser Quest and twisted my knee.

5. I’m a professionally trained singer. I’ve sang since I was about 3, by age 10-and-a-half I’d learned all of Whitney Houston’s Greatest Hits album word-for-word and note-for-note. I was in my School Choir in Primary school from around ages 8-10, and even sang in a duet for our town Mayor and 250 other people. I was professionally trained by my wonderful singing teacher from age 11 until I left school at 16 and I took two singing exams as well. Yep – I really do love to sing! 🙂

6. I’m endlessly cheeky, smiling and love to laugh. Oh, and I totally overuse emoticons and emoji. It makes my day brighter. And anything that makes my day brighter is a must-do. 🙂

7. I’m a city girl (born and bred in Manchester, which is ‘oop North in England in the UK) but my heart feels called to the countryside + the sea. It’s one of my dreams to live by the sea for some period of time in my life, someday. That, or take a veeery extended holiday right next to a beach and an ocean.

The Official Bio

Rachel Shillcock transforms brands & websites for soulful & visionary entrepreneurs through a unique blend of mastering their mindset, crafting their vision into an inspiring message + creating beautiful, purposeful designs.

With over 7 years professional experience, Rachel is a #proudgeek and started playing with designs and tinkering with code at just 11 years old.

A big believer that incredible design has the power to change the world, Rachel has spoken at events all around the UK and has written for global online publications, including Envato and net magazine. She is a published logo designer, with three logos featured in Taschen’s Logo Design Volume 3, and a published author, having written “A Pocket Guide to Working with Design & Brand Guidelines” for Five Simple Steps.

Rachel’s favourite way to take a break from tech and designing is to take long walks with her collie x labrador puppies, Storm and Jasper. Also a fan of meditation, yoga and writing, Rachel loves to spread happiness and smiles wherever she goes.

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The Rachilli Manifesto

Welcome to your revolution. Tap into the incredible power that you hold inside of you. Personality trumps perfection. Live a life full of purpose and magic. Allow yourself time to be creative and experiment. Believe in the purest of loves, the biggest of dreams and the most inspired imaginations. Read the Full Manifesto