Layla Saad

Branding & Website Design

The Background

Layla is a business mentor + writer for soulful women that are growing sacred businesses. Layla wanted help stepping up to a whole new level in her business + knew that she was in need of a new brand + updated website to help her own business grow.

The Process

This project was very collaborative – just how I like ’em! – with tons of feedback, back-and-forths and ideas and intention setting on the new brand. We iterated + evolved the brand over time, often coming up with initial ideas and then evolving these until they are what you see today.

We first worked on Layla’s branding with her logo typography (though this is soon to be updated) + the logo mark design. Due to Layla’s work often involving a sense of Sovereign, we decided it was apt to include a crown as Layla’s main logo mark. This crown has become a cornerstone of her brand, being used in many different ways throughout all of her brand – including Layla’s website, her eBook, social media and more.

At this point we also delved into Layla’s colour palette – we wanted some bold, rich, luxe colours such as the deep purple and the gold textures that we used. However, we also introduced a couple of other neutral colours (in both darker and lighter shades and tints) that we then used in other

When we moved on to Layla’s website, we brought it to life by using the primary brand pattern in the varying colour combinations we had decided upon once the brand colour palette was decided. Initially, we had thought that we would have several brand patterns but decided that we could vary the patterns through colour, instead of style.

The Result

The website launched to incredible feedback – and the design was loved by so many in Layla’s audience and circle. Not long after the website launched, Layla wrote a blog post – “Why those ‘6-figure’ business coaches are failing you” – and within one week the blog post had been shared over 5000 times, with 1200 of those within the first 24 hours. To date, the blog post has now been shared over 6300 times on Facebook. Layla credits the website design with having a huge impact on her credibility + having people stick around to read the post.

Working with Rachel has helped me transform my business from amateur to pro! Not only has Rachel created an absolutely captivating brand that gets compliments all the time, she also was amazing at helping implement my digital strategy from an upgraded email marketing strategy, to setting up my first podcast, designing my first e-book and creating a beautiful and effective website that helps me to build credibility with my audience.

I’ve never felt more confident about my business since working with her, and I love that she’s shown me how to use my brand design language in different ways so that I can be creative with adapting my brand as I grow. I absolutely recommend Rachel to anyone who’s ready to take their business to the next level and who values having a brand that is an unapologetic reflection of who they really are. I take great pride in the fact that my website looks totally unique and I often refer to it as my Online Business Queendom!

Layla Saad

Business Mentor + Writer, Wild Mystic Woman

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