Freelancing: 2 Years On

Looking back over the past two years, I can’t quite believe that little old naive me has made it through and I’m still working for myself, two years into running my own business. The past two years have been transformational, to say the least. I was worn-down, a very...

The Give and Tell Challenge

A few good friends of mine have started their own charity challenge: The Give and Tell challenge. I'm so happy that the ALS Ice Bucket challenge is sweeping the world and raising awareness for such a terrible condition, but I'm glad to be able to try and raise...

Overcoming Overwhelm

As a creative professional, it sometimes feels like my mind never ever stops. In any given few moments, I’ve probably thought about what I’m currently working on, what I need to be working on, how good my lunch was (quite nice today, thanks!), the tasks I need to get...

Staying Healthy when Freelancing: Focus on Sleep!

When you work for yourself, it’s pretty essential that you stay healthy. If you’re ill, there’s nobody there to pay you a wage for sick time - if you don’t work, you don’t get paid. As somebody that suffers from a chronic condition working from home is a dream, but...


I feel kind of strange for writing this, as if I shouldn’t, because I didn’t know Chloe as well as so many of my friends did. I've taken a couple of days to mull over exactly what I said, to see if I what I say has value...and after seeing the outpouring of love for...

My Setup, Part 2: The Software

I started writing about my personal setup working for myself a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been meaning to write about my whole setup for months now - I get so many questions about my setup that it just makes sense to write about it all. The first post talked about my...

My Setup, Part 1: The Hardware

I’ve been meaning to write about my setup for quite some time now. Working for myself means working from home, from my own little haven (sometimes called a home office). It’s really important to me that I enjoy working from the space around me and that the space...

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